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Why is having an estate plan is so important?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2018 |

Everyone has things they want to pass onto their loved ones after death. Generational inheritance can create a family thread that unites your heritage in unique ways. Perhaps it is a great-grandmother’s wedding ring, family property, or savings that you want to go to your heirs and not the government. There are all types of assets that a person values and seeks a safe place to pass onto after leaving this world.

Estate planning offers exclusive legal assurance that your valuable assets are rightly delegated to your named heirs. Without going through the estate planning process, the government may seize your assets and liquify them to pay for debts or taxes owed. If your goal is to ensure your loved ones are the recipients of your hard-work and family legacy, then estate planning and trusts help you do this.

Financial security

Financial instability can lead to fear and anxiety about the future. Knowing your finances will be securely passed onto loved ones offers peace of mind. Estate planning provides financial security for your loved ones by establishing a legal right for assets to be received by your chosen beneficiaries. You may have a spouse or a special needs child that you will no longer be able to provide for after death. It is essential to know your legal rights to ensure protection from future financial hardships.

Overall peace of mind

The decisions you make while alive can have a negative or positive ripple effect on those you love. Taking time to sit down with an estate planning attorney or other financial advisors ensures your desired outcome is achieved. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing your loved ones are taken care of after death. Estate plans and trusts create a legal protocol honored by the court. You don’t have to worry about last minute changes or problems.

Estate planning may appear complicated and confusing when you first begin the process. However, with enough guidance and clear direction, you can develop a plan that is tailored to your wishes. Time continues to move forward despite how unprepared we are for the future. Ensure your loved ones have financial security and peace of mind while adjusting to loss.