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Building An Estate Plan Offers Protection

Last updated on June 2, 2020

A complete estate plan is more than a will. It often contains a collection of several documents, including a trust, living will and power of attorney. Together, these methods can protect your interests during life as well as far into the future.

At the office of Carl Henry Franklin, Attorney at Law, in Shreveport, we will need to understand your family’s situation in order to ensure that your assets are divided properly among your intended beneficiaries. We are here to assist you in drafting your estate plan and answering estate law questions.

The Benefits Of Wills

Everyone can benefit from a will. There is no way to guarantee that your assets will pass to the proper beneficiaries without one. Every family is different, and the unique makeup of your family will determine the estate planning decisions you make.

In addition, a living will is necessary for making certain that your health care wishes will be respected. Living wills are also referred to as advance health care directives or health care proxies.

Whether you want to outline inheritance, medical preferences or another personal matter, we can help you express your wishes. We will give you respect, information and personal attention as you make these major decisions.

You Have Numerous Trust Options

There are several types of trusts. A revocable trust is a trust that you can revise in the future if circumstances change. An irrevocable trust cannot be changed once established. Testamentary trusts are included in the will.

In order to determine which type of trust is best for you, our Bossier City estate planning attorney, Carl Henry Franklin, will sit down with you and learn about your family and make a recommendation. You will not need to worry about the details – leave those to us.

Many of our clients have land, insurance, oil and gas, that they want to put into a trust. Our Louisiana firm has experience in real estate and property law, which gives us the background necessary to handle such complex cases.

Learn About Your Estate Planning Choices

Many of our clients want to know how they can ensure that their assets are passed to their heirs, and what their options are. Our principal attorney, Carl Henry Franklin, is a northern Louisiana probate attorney and can answer these and other questions you may have in a free initial consultation. Contact us at 318-284-8499 or fill out our online contact form.