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Honoring Personal Wishes In Estate Plans And Successions

Based in Shreveport, Carl Henry Franklin, Attorney at Law, supports clients as they face difficult decisions and difficult losses. We know that both estate planning and probate, which is called succession in Louisiana, can involve complex financial and legal issues – as well as highly personal and emotional ones. For decades, we have committed to the families in our community.

Your Partner For The Challenges Of Life And Beyond

Our dedicated lawyer assists executors, heirs and beneficiaries throughout the succession process. We also guide parents, business owners and other individuals through the important process of estate planning.

We can work with you to accomplish a variety of critical tasks, such as:

  • Creating a will, living will or trust to protect your wishes and property
  • Completing the administration of an estate, including debt settlement and distribution of inheritance
  • Transferring assets in a succession whether a valid will exists or does not exist
  • Protecting the interests of heirs, beneficiaries or the estate in a will contest or succession litigation

It is never too early to begin thinking about how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, it is never too excessive to work with an attorney when ensuring that your loved one’s wishes are honored. Our experience in estate law can take care of the details while you focus on the sentimental and personal matters at hand.

Gain Detailed Insight From Our Attorney

For experienced assistance with issues of succession, estates or administration, call Carl Henry Franklin, Attorney at Law, at 318-284-8499 or send us an email. Your initial consultation is free.